Our Pest Control Philosophy

At Grand River Pest Control Inc., We focus primarily on improving the user experience of our services. It is achieved by using potent pesticides and smart traps to increase efficiency on the infestation while keeping the property atmosphere safe to breathe in. While there are other strong chemicals available in the market, we only use them if there’s no one living in the targeted space. Our trained specialists also put the maximum attention towards finding the infestation cause and exterminate it entirely.

They have all the equipment necessary to undertake inspections. They have wire cams to look through the walls, thermal foggers to force insects out of their hideouts, and even strong traps to lure pests into them. Apart from the creatures living beyond your reach, we also remove wild animal invasions into your property, releasing them safely back into the open. We know that every household has a pest situation, and that’s why we’ve cut down our prices to be affordable for everyone.

Why Choose Us?

We are proud recipients of the Consumer’s Choice Awards for 2021 in Pest Control Services. The award recognizes our commitment to ensure customer satisfaction and provide quality pest treatments.