Bed Bugs are very small insects that feed on the blood of animals, specifically warm-blooded animals.  Bed bugs can easily be seen by human eye.

Bed bugs use piercing, sucking mouthparts to gain access to blood. When they feed, they inject their saliva into skin, causing allergic reactions and skin irritation, much like mosquitoes.

Because they don’t fly, you will generally find them packed up together in some kind of nest.

Here are some interesting facts about bed bugs:

  • Thousands of bed bugs can infest a single bed.
  • They can live 12 months or longer without feeding.
  • They can feed on any pet in the house.
  • They are great hiders, and usually take more than one treatment to get rid of them.
  • Bed bugs can cause nasty allergic reactions.
  • Bed bugs can produce up to 4-5 generations in one year.
  • Bed Bugs reproduce rapidly that is why they are a problem for hotels, hospitals, movie theaters, libraries, coaches and other public spaces.


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