Licensed Exterminators

Residential and Commercial Pest Control License (Ontario Pesticide Training and Certification)

What is a Structural License?

Licensed exterminators can only offer services and perform exterminations as authorized by their license. Grand River Pest Control hire and train an exterminator in Kitchener with valid licenses and relevant experiences. The Structural License issued by the Ministry of Environment authorizes the use of pesticides to:

Control Pests Inside, Around, or In the Vicinity of a Building, Structure, Machine, Vehicle, or Their Contents.

Control Pests That Adversely Affect Persons Using These Buildings, Structures, Machines, or Vehicles.

This license excludes the uses of fumigant gases, chloropicrin, herbicides, termiticides, pesticides to control pests of plants inside greenhouses and buildings, pesticides from aircraft, pesticides on rights-of-way of controlled-access highways, roads, rail lines, hydropower lines, or pipe lines.

The license also prohibits the use of pesticides in water extermination, in treed areas of more than one hectare, and the control of vertebrate pests.

Why Is This Important?

Our Exterminator in Kitchener generally possess more than one license that allows them to provide treatments (i.e. termites and/or land extermination). The Structural License is the minimum requirement for all of our exterminators to ensure that we can handle almost any pest situation for residential or commercial property. You may request the exterminator’s license upon an agreement of services. It ensures your safety and provides you with the highest quality assurance on our services.