Chinch Bugs Extermination

Like Boxelder bugs, Chinch bugs pose damage to vegetation than humans. They suck out the sap from the stems of grasses, preferably bend grass, bluegrass, and red fescue. Interestingly, the extent of damage is visible in the summers, as these bugs tend to stay hidden in winters. The damage they create is much like a drought or sun damage, but it’s worse than that.

If the infestation goes out of control, chinch bugs can potentially kill all the grass in your lawn. Alarming right! But don’t worry. We have the excellence to identify chinch bug infestation and prevent it from happening again. At least for six months, guaranteed.

We treat the soil in your garden and spray to terminate chinch bugs without damaging any vegetation. Our treatments are so helpful that you’ll see visible results even after our first visit. It might take a few more, considering the infestation and the damage extent.

Once the infestation is cleared, you’ll be at peace for your lawn and your property. Apart from chinch bugs extermination in Waterloo, we will also advise our clients to maintain the lawn in a way that automatically averts their presence. All this is served at competitive pricing that excites commercial and domestic clients.