Fruit Flies Infestation

Fruit flies are widespread throughout the globe due to their ability to reproduce rapidly. They exist everywhere from houses to trash bins, around garbage, and even in gutters. It is their living standards that lead to food and beverage contamination, inducing disease-causing pathogens into our bodies. Generally, a fruit fly can only cause food poisoning, but for people with weaker immune, the situation may get worse.

Fruit fly infestation occurs where there is rotting food matter and fermenting liquids available. Once inside, they’ll start reproducing and very soon become uncontrollable. Therefore, it is crucial to call our pest control experts in Waterloo to take care of the infestation once and for all.

We have sprays and poisonous baits readily available to control their growth and gradually decrease their numbers to a full stop. All these proceedings are safe around you and your pets, making the entire process easy to bear.

We also inspect for areas around your property where they might grow and come back again. If any fruit fly infestation is sighted around the property, we will exterminate it as well. Rest assured! Our fruit fly exterminations are reasonable for residential and commercial clients.