Mites Exterminators

Mites are small insects with eight legs resembling that of spiders. They can be anywhere, inside your skin, your bedding, on your pet, food, and out in the plantation. The most agitating character of these creatures is their minuscule size. Most mites are not visible to human eyes, requiring a microscope to preview.

They consume the dead skin of their host animals and eat sap from vegetation. But it’s their fecal particles that may cause allergies to humans, animals, and even birds. Moreover, they can also consume flour grains and rice, contaminating the rest with their filth.

According to our mite exterminators in Kitchener, a mite infestation is only evident if humans and pets feel excessive itching or you find bugs crawling in your stored foods. Either the case is alarming for you. And to prevent those instances from occurring frequently, you’re bound to hire our mite control services.

Our professionals will rinse your beddings, carpets, and furniture with mite killing sprays and wash them with hot water to completely exterminate their existence. For mites in your food, the process is a little different. It includes thermal fogging the area with pesticides to kill all the mites from your storage area. Hiring us will also save you money, so call us right away to get a six-month guaranteed pest prevention.