Silverfish Infestation

Silverfish and firebrats are carrot-shaped wingless insects with flat, silverish bodies. They are known for their fast speeds when their hiding places are disturbed. Being nocturnal, they feed on flour, cereals, dust, dead insects, and certain fungi. As they avoid human interaction, they are found around places cluttered with starchy substances like cotton, linen, silk, and glues used in book-bindings and cardboard boxes.

A silverfish infestation in Guelph is observed around ovens, boilers, fireplaces, and hot water piping. Prefer to rest in damp, moist, and unattended places, making them extremely difficult to identify at an early stage. However, a professional pest control company can find out the exact type of pest infestation and exterminate it with absolute perfection.

Once identified, our staff will conduct the necessary proceedings to scare them off or kill them on sight. We’ll even inspect for their eggs and remove them entirely, preventing a new generation from growing under your nose.

To prevent silverfish, we recommend cleaning cluttered cartons from their storage, clean bookshelves regularly, and store edibles in closed containers. Our professional pest control services are reasonable, encouraging users to hire us other than tying themselves.