Ticks Control Treatment

Unlike fleas, ticks cannot jump on pets but may climb on people or animals walking by. They are opportunist in this regard, attaching themselves and feeding on blood. However, just like fleas and other pests, ticks potentially transmit diseases to their host.

Most tick-borne diseases are not transferred immediately. It requires several hours of feeding before the host gets infected. Interestingly, tick bites are painless, thanks to their saliva, making nerves numb and prevent skin from turning red. This particular behavior makes them extremely difficult to identify in the early stage.

According to our tick control experts in Kitchener, there are several species of ticks living throughout the globe, but not all are considered hazardous. However, all those living within your property can cause general dizziness to a dreadful Lyme disease.

Therefore, it is recommended to check your clothing for any lurking ticks in the crevices, waiting to get along into your house. Check your pets thoroughly as well. The best option is to wash them outside the house for better prevention. It may not kill them but will surely void their plans to grow on your blood.

If not possible, hire our infamous Tick control treatment in Cambridge to get rid of the ticks residing inside your premises. Our professional staff has the skills to identify their hideouts and exterminate their existence once and for all. Don’t worry! We don’t charge any out the pocket charges for our extermination services.