Wasps Control

Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets fall in the same category of stinging insects when threatened. Naturally, they build their nests away from the human population, but there are chances to get an infestation at your property. They build nests in attics, walls, under eaves, and in tree branches primarily to protect themselves in summer.

As wasps feed on sugary substances like nectar, available supply to juices and soft drinks, they are not hazardous even if left unattended. However, as they are mostly in larger numbers, no one dares to threaten them off, other than our wasp control in Waterloo.

We have specialized suits to assess the intensity of infestation without getting stung. These suits are sprayed with insecticides to slow down the attack force by neutralizing the insects. Wasps are social insects containing thousands of workers in a colony, making it unsafe to scare them off without the protective gear we use.

The first stage of our wasp control in Waterloo is to monitor the colonies made close to humans. Once observed, we’ll breach into space and let the insects panic and run away. It allows us to treat the infestation without killing a large number of beings. A few might get killed in the process, but most are captured in our insect-friendly vacuums.

Once the infestation is gone, we clear the colonies, repair the minor entry points, and terminate their eggs to control recolonization. We also explain the reason for infestation and the preventative tips to restrict it. Rest assured! All our facilitations come at a no out of pocket charge.